Chieveley WwTW technical writing

Client: Damar Group Ltd
Location: Chieveley WwTW, Chieveley, Berkshire, UK
Service division: Engineering
Sector: Water

Chieveley WwTW is a small rural sewage treatment works located within the Newbury area and is owned and operated by Thames Water, the UK’s largest water and sewerage company, serving a population of 14 million across London and the Thames Valley. Upgrade works have been carried out at the site which included a number of process enhancements, incorporating improvement works to the storm tanks and filter recirculation systems.

Damar Group are a construction company, appointed by Thames Water as the principal contractor to carry out the upgrade works to the site. Damar subsequently commissioned AFECO to produce the technical documentation required to enable them to design, install and commission the equipment necessary to allow the storm tanks to fill and empty as required and for the filter recirculation system to operate in conjunction with the storm tank return system. The scope of work for this project included:

  • Site investigations and liaison with site Operational staff to determine the current and desired mode of control required for the storm tank return and filter recirculation system
  • Production of a control philosophy and functional design specification (FDS) on which the plant design could be based

This work was successfully completed by AFECO, enabling Damar to carry out the work required for them to complete the project as required by Thames Water.