Goshall pumping station control panel

Client: JR Pridham Services Ltd
Location: Goshall, Stour Marshes, Kent, UK
Service division: Controls
Sector: Water

The Environment Agency (EA) are a public body whose aims are to protect and improve the environment. As part of this role, the EA are responsible for the operation of a number of pumping stations, one of which is Goshall pumping station, located in the Stour marshes in Kent. The EA have made a number of operational improvements at the pumping station, including the installation of a new remote monitoring station. As part of these upgrade works, the pumping station required a new control panel to be designed, built and installed on site.

JR Pridham Services are an EA approved contractor, offering a wide range of services that include electrical engineering, instrumentation and control. Pridhams were requested to design, build, install and commission the new pumping station control panel, the design and build component of which was subsequently awarded to AFECO to deliver on their behalf.

Due to space constraints on site the panel had to be built as two separate units, one housing the pump starter and the other housing the controls. The panels were designed, built and FAT tested to be fully compliant with the EA requirements and delivered within the allocated budget and timeframe.

The services provided by AFECO to this project included:

  • Design and build of two Form 4 panels in GRP
  • FAT testing
  • SAT testing
  • Documentation
  • CAD drawings (GA’s & schematics)
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