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Introducing our range of specialist solutions and products

Each of our products and solutions have been developed by our integrated team of experts to provide what we believe to be the most effective answers to specific market needs.

Our aim us to provide the most effective range of solutions and products available that meet the needs of our target markets. We achieve this through a combination of our own in-house development as well as through affiliations and collaborations with other innovative technology providers.

We have a reputation for developing and delivering robust and value engineered yet innovative and appropriate solutions – a reputation that has been built up through the demonstration and commercialisation of a range of solutions.

Please scroll through below to view our core range of products and solutions and click on any of them to learn more. We are always developing and improving so keep an eye out for updates or follow us to keep up to date.

our goals and values

  • Innovation and optimisation as standard

  • Appropriate, robust, value engineered solutions

  • Collaboration and openess

Our featured product …

Biocage on a site to treat sludge

zero power, zero chemicals, maximum ROI

an innovation in sludge dewatering

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sludge solids increased, tankering decreased

reduction of 2/3

less tankering, less carbon footprint

65 tCO2/a

cost effective for even the smallest of sites

< 2 year ROI

Our range of solutions …

Final Effluent reuse

sustainable water use for a circular economy, reduce potable water use

Diagram showing a circular economy

EV charging solutions

OLEV accredited domestic and commercial installation

Marine blackwater management

management and compliance solutions for black and grey water


Waste heat to power

use your waste heat to generate green electricity

Waste heat diagram

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

boost digester biogas production with our skid mounted system

Water and oil bubbles

Energy management

stand alone energy audits to fully integrated energy saving solutions

Diagram showing energy use