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Our energy management solutions and expertise

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The sustainable use of energy is becoming increasing important as pressure on our natural resources calls for fundamental and rapid changes in our practices and technologies. This need has driven the development of more efficient technologies and systems that are able to be applied to a wide range of buildings, transport systems and operational strategies.

At AFECO, we have remained at the forefront of these developments, identifying and working with different technologies to integrate energy efficient solutions into our project work as well as offering the most appropriate solutions to our clients.

Our team undertakes all elements of engineering design and commercial evaluation associated with the utilisation of energy. We develop solutions and apply technologies that increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and harness available fiscal incentives to maximise project returns. We also specialise in the development of energy master plans – producing holistic solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint each tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of the end user, from generation of renewable energy through to optimisation of existing energy usage.

As part of our energy management offering, we also install our Voltage Manager solution. As UK grid voltage varies between 216V and 253V, optimising this supply voltage to 220V has the potential to reduce power consumption and hence electricity bills by approximately 10% to 15%. In addition other benefits are provided such as substantially improving power quality which in turn protects electrical equipment from power spikes and supressing harmful harmonics that damage sensitive equipment, cutting the capital cost of early replacement. We survey premises to identify power usage and potential savings and supply and install our Voltage Manager system. This system operates 24/7 and has no monitoring or maintenance requirements, providing a worry free system that typically provides a 10-15% reduction in energy usage and hence costs.