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Energy sector

Our energy sector expertise

The sustainable use of energy is becoming increasing important as pressure on our natural resources calls for changes in our practises and technologies. In the UK the renewable energy sector has developed considerably in recent years due largely to the fiscal incentives made available which have driven the development of more efficient technologies.

AFECO has been at the forefront of these developments, working with different technologies and integrating energy efficient solutions into our designs at standard to ensure the use of energy is optimised, reducing whole life project costs without compromising performance.

Our team undertakes all elements of engineering design and commercial evaluation associated with the utilisation of energy. We develop solutions and apply technologies that increase energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and harness available fiscal incentives to maximise project returns. We also specialise in the development of energy master plans – producing holistic solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint each tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of the end user, from generation of renewable energy through to optimisation of existing energy usage.

Our capabilities:

  • Energy audits
  • Energy optimisation and reduction
  • Recommendation and implementation of energy reduction measures
  • Application of our Voltage Manager solution
  • Power management systems
  • Energy masterplanning
  • Fiscal incentive assessment

We specialise in the assessment of installed systems, making recommendations and implementing solutions to reduce energy consumption as well as specialising in the development of energy masterplans for a range of clients and projects from government bodies, commercial companies and sustainable housing developers.

Our specialisms:

Site audits and assessments
Energy reduction
Energy optimisation
Energy masterplans
Voltage optimisation
Demand side management
Asset modelling and optimisation
Fiscal incentives and PPA’s
Commercial modelling