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Final Effluent reuse

Final effluent reuse solutions

our final effluent re-use systems deliver high quality effluent to the point to use through a combination of solids removal and disinfection to prevent microbial growth – ideal for non-potable water applications

Increasing population combined with a changing climate is putting more and more strain on our water resources. In addition, the recent OFWAT price review has set targets to water companies of 16% leakage reduction. These challenges can only be met through a combination of initiatives and for water companies who are encouraging customers to use less water, leading by example by reducing their own potable water consumption is a critical PR effort.

There are many processes at wastewater treatment works that use potable water, including polymer make up, carrier water and odour control. Washwater is sometimes used for these applications but is rarely suitable without further treatment. In addition, many light industries and farm land surrounding wastewater treatment works also have high potable water demands that could be replaced with an enhanced treated final effluent.

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Our package FE reuse solution is a skid mounted system built at our workshop to suit the specific demands of each application. Using an effective combination of automatic filtration and UV disinfection, we can take final effluent and treat it to a standard where there is no detriment when it s used to replace potable water for non-drinking water applications. Coupled with an integrated control system and low power consumption, the return of investment is sub- 2 years.

We are confident that our solution is both commercially and technically effective, providing a system that will provide immediate savings and reduce the pressure on our value resources. With proven efficacy in multiple water company applications, our system is easy to install and maintain whilst giving maximum benefits.