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use FOG to boost your biogas production

Fats, Oils & Grease solutions

FOG reception and handling

supercharge your biogas production with our containerised FOG handling system able to handle arrange of FOG for controlled feed directly to your digesters

Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are widely recognised as having the potential to significantly increase biogas production. Yet they are, by nature, inherently difficult to handle and process.

Our solution is built on years of experience in the treatment of FOG at sludge treatment centres. We have worked with a range of FOG grades and qualities to boost biogas production. Our solution is a cost effective answer to maximise the biogas production from new and existing assets alike.

Our skid mounted system has been designed to receive a range of FOG, process them and feed them into existing anaerobic digestors at a controlled rate, ensuring the FOG remain in solution to avoid blockages.

Our design has been developed in house, collaborating our first hand operational experience with the technical expertise of engineers and scientists, including industry recognised field leaders. We are able to advise on feed rates and performance targets to ensure your digesters are not overloaded.

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