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Our power sector expertise

The sustainable generation of power is becoming increasing important as pressure on our natural resources calls for changes in our practises and technologies. In the UK the renewable power sector has developed considerably in recent years due largely to the fiscal incentives made available and technologies that were once considered niche are becoming more mainstream.

AFECO has been at the forefront of these developments, working with different technologies and feedstocks to generate renewable power in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This innovative attitude is reflected through the development of our own in-house waste heat to power solution which utilises low grade waste heat to generate additional electricity.

Our team undertakes all elements of engineering design associated with the generation of power, particularly renewable power. We specialise in the generation of power by applying the most appropriate and efficient technologies to organic feedstocks to produce renewable energy, whether as heat, electricity and / or gas, and then using this energy in the most effective way to maximise project returns. We undertake all element of power generation projects from concept through to turnkey solutions.

Our capabilities:

  • Renewable gas generation from sewage sludge and organic waste using anaerobic digestion
  • Renewable energy generation from biodegradable waste products such as wood using advanced thermal conversion technologies
  • Electricity generation using steam turbines, gas turbines, CHP and ORC’s
  • Renewable gas upgrading to biomethane
  • Biomethane applications as a vehicle fuel or gas grid injection
  • Project evaluations and full due diligence
  • Fiscal incentive assessment

We specialise in the development and implementation power generation projects, in particular biogas to electricity or upgrading to biomethane (for grid injection and vehicle fuel use) projects and using the heat generated by thermal conversion and combustion processes to generate electricity.

Our specialisms:

M&E design and installation
Process integration
Commissioning and commissioning support
Performance optimisation
Innovative processes and technologies
Gas upgrading to biomethane
Gas for grid injection or vehicle fuel
Electricity from heat
Electricity generation - CHP and turbines
Power management systems