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Waste sector

Our waste sector expertise

The development of the waste sector in recent years, driven by stringent landfill imitations and public pressure, has demanded the development of more advanced treatment technologies. As a result the waste is being shaped into one driven by technology led solutions that are able to produce valuable by-products, such as renewable energy, whilst still yielding the desired commercial returns.

At AFECO we understand the need to balance operational robustness with economics and our work is focused on meeting these requirements in the most effective manner. We have years of expertise developing and delivering organic waste treatment projects from food waste to waste woods using a variety of technologies from anaerobic digestion to advanced thermal conversion such as pyrolysis.

We firmly believe that the operational requirements of a facility should form an integral part of the engineering design solutions and we draw on our extensive in-house process, commissioning and operational experience to ensure this knowledge is captured effectively at the front end and to ensure that our solutions are operationally robust as well as energy efficient and cost effective. Innovation sits at the heart of everything we do and our engineers continually review practices, processes and technology solutions to ensure we are always able to offer the best available solutions to our clients, whether they are looking for a stand-alone work package or a complete turnkey solution.

Our capabilities:

  • Process engineering, surveys, modelling and optimisation
  • Mechanical, electrical and ICA design from concept to detail
  • Waste treatment masterplanning
  • Feasibility studies including waste characterisation, technology evaluation and commercial viability
  • Planning and permit applications
  • Commissioning management and support
  • All elements of project development and delivery

We have considerable experience in the design of organic waste treatment facilities and our experience includes all elements of design from reception and pre-treatment through to renewable energy generation, including market evaluations, technical and financial modelling, commercial viability assessment and contract specifications. These services are delivered through EcoGenR8, of which AFECO is a trading name –

Our specialisms:

Process design and commissioning
M&E design and installation
Commissioning management and support
Process and performance optimisation
Innovative processes and technologies
Organic waste anaerobic digestion
Pyrolysis and gasification
Animal by-product compliance
Green gas utilisation
Energy optimisation, reduction and generation