Our Energy Solutions are underpinned by our Energy Masterplan – a comprehensive collection of energy reduction, optimisation and generation solutions that can be provided as discreet elements or as a complete holistic energy package

Generation solutions
  • Waste heat to power solutions
  • Organic waste to power solutions
  • Solar PV solutions
Efficiency solutions
  • Energy auditing
Energy optimisation
  • Voltage optimisation solutions
  • Demand side management solutions

Effective energy management is crucial to understanding and subsequently reducing our impact on the environment as well as meeting carbon reduction targets and reducing costs. At AFECO, we have developed an Energy Masterplan which provides a holistic energy management solution. We provide a turnkey solution from concept to operation or discreet work packages to suit a clients needs, whether implementing a complete energy management solution or single technology packages.

Our energy generation solutions include:

Power sector

Waste heat to power

Our solution to convert waste heat to electricity is provided through our Heat to Power solution

Organic waste to power

Our range of efficient solutions to convert biodegradable wastes to green power are provided through our Organic Waste Treatment solutions

Our energy efficiency solutions include:

Energy audits

The first step in any energy reduction program is to understand current energy demand, enabling high use areas to be identified and a more targeted energy saving solution to be designed.  At AFECO we carry out audits to quantify energy consumption, incorporating electrical surveys to measure loads and identify the most power intensive assets. This enables us to propose the most appropriate recommendations for reducing energy consumption including quantification of the potential savings. Our audits can range from a company-wide review including multiple locations or simply a targeted asset review.

Our energy optimisation solutions include:

Voltage optimisation

Our complete voltage optimisation solution to reduce power demand is provided by our Voltage Manager product

Demand side management

Eco-power is our unique demand side management tool – an innovative software based solution targeted at reducing power demand and energy bills. Our solution implements smart control systems and asset optimisation to identify, reduce and control power demand, enabling the scheduling of operations to match DUoS tariffs and to avoid triad charges. Eco-power is a low capex software solution that will regulate power in a controlled manner, optimise the control of existing assets and constantly monitor site conditions to minimise risk. It enables intelligent, rapid load shedding and power balancing and has the ability to increase generation rapidly, combining electrical outputs from all on-site generating assets without disruption to core processes. Eco-power allows greater management and optimisation of existing control systems than conventional systems and has the ability to remotely monitor systems from any device.

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