Our organic waste treatment solutions:

  • Our proprietary pasteurisation system
  • Our tailored anaerobic digestion systems
  • Our fully adaptable co-digestion solutions
  • Renewable gas and power solutions
  • Treatment solutions using advanced thermal conversion technologies

Our organic waste solutions are provided through EcoGenR8 Ltd, of which AFECO is a trading name.

EcoGenR8 is a developer and manager of organic waste assets and renewable energy projects, providing robust yet innovative treatment solutions.

EcoGenR8 combines strategic services such as project origination, feasibility and development with the in-depth technical capability provided by AFECO that enables us to manage and deliver projects from inception through design and installation, all the way through to commissioning, operations and optimisation.

Fundamentally, we are technology agnostic, however, our experience of working with a wide range of technology providers has enabled us to develop a range of facility designs that couple proven technology with our own proprietary solutions and process designs, ensuring we always provide the treatment solutions that are most suitable to each clients’ specific needs.

We recognise that the organic waste market is evolving rapidly and we therefore offer flexible business models, ranging from discreet assignments to partnering with technology providers, waste producers or land owners to share the risk associated with developing projects. Our technologies can be provided as part of a turnkey solution or supplied as individual project components.

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