Superyacht sewage system review

Client: Confidential
Service division: Optimisation; Engineering
Sector: Marine

AFECO was commissioned by a superyacht yard to act as independent process experts to identify and verify the causes of the poor performance of the sewage treatment systems they had installed on-board a number of their superyacht vessels both in commission and under construction. The installed sewage treatment system had been designed to meet the effluent standards detailed in the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) resolution MEPC.159(55) but a number of the units had experienced performance issues and the yard is keen to resolve the issues.

AFECO carried out a number of visits to various vessels to assess each installed treatment system for process and mechanical differences and to carry out process evaluations on the operational systems to identify the causes of poor performance. This evaluation included on-board analysis of samples using laboratory equipment and the assessment of on-board cleaning products to ensure they are suitable for use with biological systems.  AFECO identified the causes of poor performance and carried out a re-design of the system to incorporate the modifications required to optimise the process performance.

The services provided by AFECO included:

  • Process and performance assessment
  • Mechanical evaluation
  • Full system evaluations including tracing of all possible plant inputs and yacht product usage
  • Design modifications
  • CAD drawings
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