AFECO awarded Southern Water Optimisation Partner Framework

Southern Water Services Limited has awarded AFECO a place on its Asset Innovation and Optimisation Partner Framework. The Framework will run through AMP6 until March 2020 with an option to extend for a further 5 years through AMP7 until March 2025.

Engineering services company AFECO, a subsidiary of cleantech innovation company EcoGenR8 Limited, has already delivered a number of initiatives for Southern Water that have delivered real business benefits. This Framework will support Southern Water in delivering further benefits by providing a platform through which a range of optimisation initiatives can be delivered.

Working collaboratively with Southern Water’s Optimisation Team, AFECO will utilise the Framework to trial and implement a range of their own proprietary solutions and products as well as working with Southern Water and technology companies to develop and deliver other ideas and concepts.

The award of this Framework demonstrates a recognition of the benefits that asset optimisation and innovation can provide and encourages collaborative working between companies to achieve a common goal of cost and compliance benefits.



AFECO is a dynamic, specialist engineering services and solutions provider focussed on servicing the immediate and future needs of the water, marine and energy sectors. AFECO offer a comprehensive range of professional services, solutions and products, based on a strong core expertise of process, chemical, mechanical, electrical and ICA engineering. With services ranging from the provision of expert consultancy, asset optimisation, concept development, engineering design, site installation and commissioning, AFECO have the skills and experience to provide a complete and integrated project delivery and support service. With a strong focus on robust and appropriate, yet innovative and cost-effective solutions, AFECO have established a reputation of professionalism, efficiency and innovation. AFECO is a subsidiary of EcoGenR8 Limited, a cleantech innovation and development company.

Southern Water Services Limited is a private utility company, responsible for providing drinking water and wastewater services across the South East of the UK, covering Kent, East and West Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. Southern Water supply drinking water to approximately 1 million households from 83 water treatment works along 13,837 kilometres of water mains. They are also responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater in this region, treating 718 million litres of wastewater at 365 treatment works through a network of 2,375 pumping stations and 39,600 kilometres of sewers. Southern Water is owned by Greensands Investments Limited, a consortium made up of pension and infrastructure funds.

Superyacht sewage system review

Client: Confidential
Service division: Optimisation; Engineering
Sector: Marine

AFECO was commissioned by a superyacht yard to act as independent process experts to identify and verify the causes of the poor performance of the sewage treatment systems they had installed on-board a number of their superyacht vessels both in commission and under construction. The installed sewage treatment system had been designed to meet the effluent standards detailed in the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) resolution MEPC.159(55) but a number of the units had experienced performance issues and the yard is keen to resolve the issues.

AFECO carried out a number of visits to various vessels to assess each installed treatment system for process and mechanical differences and to carry out process evaluations on the operational systems to identify the causes of poor performance. This evaluation included on-board analysis of samples using laboratory equipment and the assessment of on-board cleaning products to ensure they are suitable for use with biological systems.  AFECO identified the causes of poor performance and carried out a re-design of the system to incorporate the modifications required to optimise the process performance.

The services provided by AFECO included:

  • Process and performance assessment
  • Mechanical evaluation
  • Full system evaluations including tracing of all possible plant inputs and yacht product usage
  • Design modifications
  • CAD drawings

Superyacht sewage system assessment

Client: Confidential
Service division: Optimisation; Engineering
Sector: Marine

AFECO was commissioned to carry out an independent process evaluation of the sewage system on board a privately owned superyacht to identify the causes of the on-going poor performance. The installed sewage treatment system was designed to meet the effluent standards detailed in the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) resolution MEPC.2(VI) which was subsequently replaced by resolution MEPC.159(55) but had failed to meet operational standards.

AFECO was commissioned to survey and re-commission the plant to determine whether the system could be optimised to meet consent requirements as well as to assess the systems performance and carry out an evaluation of the design . The system was re-commissioned following an extensive on-board survey which included identifying all possible sources of influent to the system and reviewing the products used for cleaning to ensure they were suitably biologically friendly. The process performance was evaluated using supporting laboratory analysis and the causes of the operational problems identified and detailed in an extensive report.

The work carried out by AFECO included:

  • Plant loading assessment
  • Full system evaluation including tracing of all possible plant inputs and yacht product usage
  • Process performance evaluation including laboratory analysis
  • Identification of process problems
  • Recommendations for system improvement supported by detailed reporting

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