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Our optimisation services

At AFECO we provide a unique Optimisation and troubleshooting service that is second to none. Founded on our extensive process, mechanical and electrical engineering capability and enhanced by our operational expertise, our combination of skills and experience enables us to realise the true potential of existing assets, making them work smarter for our clients.

We work closely with our clients to understand project drivers and to ensure we fully assess and recommend the most relevant, cost effective and optimum solutions to satisfy those drivers. This positive and proactive approach has powered the success of many projects and makes us the partner of choice for many organisations.

Our in-house team of experienced engineers has the skills and operational knowledge required to carry out independent assessments on existing assets and facilities, identifying and addressing where improvements can be made, whether with equipment or procedures, to address general or specific problem areas. We have the capability and experience to identify the potential to optimise energy consumption and energy generation and to assess the potential to improve process efficiency, whether through the adoption of more efficient technologies and/or through improved maintenance regimes and operational practises.

Our optimisation capabilities

Our in-house optimisation team have a wealth of experience assessing and auditing operational sites

Waste water treatment

Our in-house process team are experts in evaluating and optimising asset performance

We have the capability to undertake on-site process testing and analysis to quantify performance levels

A key service we provide is trouble shooting operational assets, identifying and rectifying issues effectively and efficiently

We can assess and monitor assets, either directly or remotely, reporting on key performance indicators

We identify and address areas where improvements can be made whether with equipment or procedures

Model illustrating the energy sector

We assess and evaluate energy usage from individual assets to office blocks, quantifying use and identifying high demand areas

Diagram showing optimisations in the energy sector

We specialise in recommending and implementing energy saving and optimisation measures

Our in-house managers have considerable experience delivering projects to strict budgets and programmes

Our commissioning knowledge is second to none and our in-house team provide a range of support services