Introducing our range of specialised solutions

Each of our solutions has been developed by our integrated team of experts to provide what we believe to be the most effective answer to a specific market need. Our intimate knowledge of our markets enables us to identify needs, develop solutions and tailor these solutions to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Waste heat to electrical power

We are confident we provide the most effective low grade waste heat solution on the market. Drawing on our extensive engineering expertise, we provide a comprehensive solution that optimises electrical outputs to maximise returns and includes an own and operate option.

Marine Wastewater services

We provide the only truly independent wastewater treatment support service in the marine sector. Our services include performance assessments, optimisation, specialist support, warranty support, training and process health checks and are targeted specifically at the superyacht sector.

Energy management solutions

Our energy management solutions range from stand-alone audits through to complete energy masterplans incorporating, where appropriate, our Voltage Manager, demand side management package and generation solutions that use waste products to produce energy.

Organic waste treatment

Our organic waste treatment solutions are provided through EcoGenR8 Ltd, of which AFECO is a trading name. EcoGenR8 is a developer and manager of organic waste assets and renewable energy projects, providing robust yet innovative solutions for the treatment of biodegradable waste.