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Marine sector

What we do in the marine sector

The discharge of sewage and grey water from vessels is coming under tighter scrutiny and stricter regulations, putting pressure on the performance of sewage treatment systems. Our work in the marine sector is primarily focussed on the provision of expert process advice on the performance, operation and optimisation of sewage treatment systems to ensure compliance with Annex IV of the MARPOL regulations.

We understand sewage treatment. Our team have many years of experience designing, commissioning and optimising treatment systems ranging from small scale package plants treating less than 10 population equivalent through to large scale municipal wastewater and sludge treatment systems treating in excess of 2 million population equivalent and our experience covers both black and grey water systems.

It is this knowledge that enables us to identify and resolve process, mechanical and control issues quickly and effectively. We pride ourselves in always identifying the root cause of process problems and implementing solutions that address these issues in the simplest, most effective and cost efficient manner.

Our capabilities:

  • Independent surveys of existing sewage treatment systems
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Warranty claim support
  • Re-commissioning, optimisation and commissioning support
  • Process performance evaluation including sample analysis
  • Advice on new systems
  • Product evaluations

We specialise in assessing existing sewage treatment systems to determine causes of poor process performance, re-commission, optimise, provide operational support and / or provide independent expert process advice and evidence to support warranty claims and offer a range of bespoke wastewater management packages targeted specifically at the marine sector.

Our specialisms:

Black and grey water treatment
Sewage treatment systems
Failing sewage system optimisation
Independent process advice and support
Warranty and operational support
Superyacht sewage systems
Cruise ship sewage systems
Biological processes
Activated sludge and MBR systems
Engineers training and support
Product selection and usage training