We believe every waste stream has the potential to be re-used beneficially – the key challenge facing the market today is being able to do this in an economically viable method. We have developed the most effective low grade waste heat solution available on the market – effectively converting waste heat into electricity in a cost effective manner.

Waste heat diagram

The problem

Heat is an unavoidable by-product of many industrial and commercial processes and systems. Wastage can be minimised through system optimisation and re-use but for low grade waste heat in particular a beneficial use cannot always be found. However, capturing this waste heat and converting it to electricity, even at low grade temperatures, is now a feasible option.

At AFECO, we utilise our own in-house technical and commercial experts as well as working with a range of technology providers to identify and provide the most appropriate solutions to address this specific market need. As a result we have developed a comprehensive solution that is focused on optimising project outputs and hence returns rather than being driven by technology sales and as a result we are confident that we provide the most effective low grade waste heat solution on the market.

Our solution

We will design and provide a robust yet cost effective solution, tailored for each specific application, that will generate green electricity from waste heat source using proven technology. Our team of engineering experts will tailor each solution by successfully selecting the most appropriate and effective configuration and technology solutions to suit each individual source of waste heat.By selecting only the most robust, proven and cost effective technologies that have demonstrable track record, we can provide a viable heat to power solution that is effective for temperatures ranging from 80°C to 480°C.

Where required, we are able to provide a fully financed own and operate solution where we will install the system at no capital cost and will maintain the equipment for the duration of the project life, providing a zero risk solution and guaranteed electricity at a reduced rate.

The benefits

We can generate renewable electricity from was has previously been seen as a waste product, providing valuable green credentials and PR.

The electricity we generate can be off-set against conventional fossil fuel derived grid electricity, providing carbon savings.

The electricity can be generated at a rate that can be considerably less than grid electricity, even for a fully financed solution, providing cost savings.

The system we provide is simple and effective, with an average of 98% equipment availability, low maintenance requirements and zero emissions. We will monitor the system remotely, ensuring production is maintained at its optimum level and providing a rapid response service when servicing is required.

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