Our marine wastewater treatment support solutions

We are completely independent of all manufacturers and suppliers of wastewater treatment packages, meaning we are able to provide truly independent and impartial advice and support

  • We are experts in biological, semi-biological and chemical wastewater treatment systems

  • We offer a truly impartial and independent marine wastewater treatment support service

  • We have a wealth of experience in wastewater treatment, spanning over 20 years

  • We specialise in the optimisation and operational support of black and grey water systems

Founded on our in-house process, mechanical and electrical engineering expertise, we offer a range of both reactive and preventative wastewater treatment support solutions and services that have been tailored specifically for the marine and superyacht sectors. These include:

  • Black and grey water systems specialist advice and support
  • Biological, semi-biological, chemical and physical process experts
  • Specialist engineers and crew training
  • Pre-season system health checks
  • System commissioning
  • Performance evaluations and reports
  • Process optimisation
  • On-board sample analysis
  • Expert warranty claim support
  • Dedicated support service including bi-annual health checks and engineers phone support

We have developed three unique waste system management packages tailored to address the unique challenges faced by the Superyacht sector:

Risk Management

Our waste system risk management package, targeted at new builds and retrofitted vessels to give peace of mind that your wastewater system functions within controlled parameters before it leaves the yard. Our package includes:

  • Detailed system assessment to identify any potential areas of concern
  • Cleaning product advice
  • Commissioning support to maximise success establishing a stable biomass
  • Process and performance analytical testing until system fully established
  • Engineers training


Our waste system optimisation package is tailored for existing vessels with performance issues and will provide you with the tools to successfully identify and rectify your wastewater system issues. Our package includes:

  • Detailed process, design and installation assessment
  • Performance evaluation
  • System re-commissioning, analytical testing and process optimisation
  • Warranty support
  • Engineers training and cleaning product advice
  • Full reporting

Support and training

Our support and training package is tailored to provide you with the peace of mind that comes with consistent, regular support and knowledge to ensure your waste system remains effective and compliant. Our package includes:

  • Vessel specific training for all crew members incorporating product selection
  • Training updates for new crew members, ensuring consistency is maintained
  • Bi-annual process health check of the waste system with process testing
  • Dedicated phone support service for engineers